7 Ways to Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

1) Start a Mentor/Mentee Relationship 

  •   Guidance helps make a difference and encourages female workers to strive for success
  •   Women’s involvement in leadership is essential for business growth

2)  Encourage Girl Power

  •   Host a middle school or high school job shadowing event for a day

3)  Organize a Collection Drive

  • Support underprivileged women by holding a collection drive in the office

4) Charity

  • Organize a fundraiser, a donation booth, or volunteer and make it a team-building event

5) Listen to Women

  • It's vital that great leaders support, empower, and listen to the women in our workplaces

6) Update the bookshelf

  • Education and awareness is the best way to celebrate equal rights

7) Give a shout-out!

  • To mark Women’s Equality Day, simply spread the word and announce the occasion to make people aware

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