Grupo Bimbo Releases 2023 Annual Report: “Behind Our Actions”

Grupo Bimbo has unveiled its 2023 Annual Report: "Behind our Actions," highlighting the company's advancements and future goals for 2030 and 2050.

"During 2023, we made significant progress towards our 2030 and 2050 commitments. For example, we achieved 95% positive nutrition in our daily bread, pastries and breakfast portfolio,” said Rafael Pamias, CEO, Grupo Bimbo. “Also, 27 of the 35 countries in which we are operating already use renewable electricity. All of us who are part of Grupo Bimbo should be proud of these milestones published in the Annual Report, which endorse our purpose of Nourishing a better world.”

Read below to learn more about Grupo Bimbo’s 2023 achievements, or click here to review the full report.

Commitment to Environmental Sustainability: "Baked For Nature"

As part of Grupo Bimbo’s "Baked For Nature" initiative, the Company works on regeneration, growth, circularity and creating a positive impact on the planet. In 2023, Grupo Bimbo announced that 93% of its global packaging is now made from recyclable materials and the company aims to achieve 100% recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable packaging by 2025.

Progress towards becoming a net zero carbon company by 2050 is also reported including that 92% of Grupo Bimbo's global electricity is sourced from renewable energy such as solar and wind and that the Company has expanded its fleet to include 2,693 electric delivery vehicles, totaling 6,198 alternative fuel units.

The regenerative agriculture program exceeded its 2023 harvest target with over 170,000 hectares of corn and wheat cultivated using this sustainable method in Mexico, the United States, Canada, and France. Additionally, more than 500 farmers were trained in regenerative farming techniques. By 2050, Grupo Bimbo aims for 100% of the key ingredients in its products to be sourced from land cultivated under this initiative.

Focus on Nutrition and Sustainable Products: "Baked For You"

Under the "Baked For You" initiative, Grupo Bimbo focuses on offering better nutritional profiles, plant-based diets and sustainable brands with a purpose. The company reported that 98% of its daily consumption products are now free of artificial colors and flavors.

Strengthening Communities: "Baked For Life"

The "Baked For Life" initiative centers on community development and associate’s well-being. Grupo Bimbo has implemented 263 community projects across 28 countries through its "Good Neighbor" program, positively impacting over 440,000 people. These projects aim to strengthen the communities of those living and working near Grupo Bimbo's facilities.

The 2023 Bimbo Global Race was notable as well, with 330,000 participants running in a hybrid format across 24 cities in 17 countries. This turnout enabled Grupo Bimbo to donate over 2.8 million slices of bread to food banks worldwide, reinforcing its commitment to fighting hunger and supporting communities.

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