2023 Summer Interns Join Bimbo Bakeries USA!

Bimbo Bakeries USA is #BBUPROUD to welcome 26 summer interns to the organization this year. These students come to us from colleges and universities all around the country and will gain valuable on-the-job experience working in various functions including Sales, Operations, Finance, Marketing and Human Relations throughout the company.

Meet the Interns!

  • Bradley Aaron, Texas A&M University; Engineering Intern
  • Riley Allen, University of Delaware; Marketing Intern
  • Claire Beesaw, Texas A&M University; Engineering Manufacturing Systems Intern
  • Ethan Budvitis, Texas A&M University; Supply Chain Intern
  • Adilene Carrera, California State University; Sales Intern
  • Sean Chen, Babson College; Sales Center Lead Intern
  • Noah Dalton, Franklin University; Supply Chain Intern
  • Jaiden DeLine, Purdue University; Production Intern
  • Mohamad Farhoud, University of Texas A&M; Customer Intern
  • Montrell Frank, Southern University and A&M College; Diversity, Equity & Belonging Intern
  • Dyshawn Gardner, Tennessee State University; Sales Center Lead Intern
  • Maryam Gonzalez, Texas A&M University; Manufacturing System Engineering Intern
  • Alexa Haase, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater; Human Relations Intern
  • Kyle Higgins, University of Tennessee; Supply Chain Intern
  • Jacon Housewright, Missouri University of Science & Technology; Automation Implementation Intern
  • Timilehin Lamoriu, University of Texas – Arlington; Maintenance Intern
  • Adren Leiker, Xavier University; Supply Chain Logistics Intern
  • Peyton Link, Liberty University; Learning & Development Intern
  • Erin Martin, Kansas State University; Research & Development Intern
  • Leonardo Mazon, Texas A&M University; Manufacturing Transformation Intern
  • Nicolas Meja, Stetson University; Research & Development Intern
  • Teresa Myrthil, Carnegie Mellon University; Production Intern
  • Kalen O’Connor, University of Michigan; Mechanical Engineering Intern
  • Vincent Ranallo, university of Dayton; Sales Center Lead Intern
  • Makayla Reiss, University of Colorado, Boulder; Human Relations Intern
  • Ali Vesley, University of Iowa; Sales Intern
  • Travion Wilcox, Georgia Institute of Technology; Automation Implementation Intern

We wish the 2023 Interns a fantastic and educational summer! #BBUPROUD

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