Win Big with Passion, Potential and Purpose

At Bimbo Bakeries USA, Win Big with Passion, Potential, Purpose is our common goal, competitive advantage and call to action. Together, we focus our work and harness our strengths in these areas to achieve our greatest success. Individually, we are called on to find our Passion, reach our Potential and live our Purpose every day!



Every decision begins and ends with the consumer and we are proud of our extensive portfolio of beloved brands and the important role we each play in delivering our delicious, high-quality products to every city, town and community in America. We have a relentless focus on the front line and our fundamentals – safety, quality, nutrition, efficiency.


Find Your Passion

Every one of our associates takes great pride in the work we do. No matter the role, we are an important part of baking and delivering our products to consumers! Every associate is encouraged and expected to bring their enthusiasm and ideas to work every day – solving problems, improving processes and products and participating in activities that Nourish a Better World.



Consumers have enjoyed Bimbo Bakeries USA products for generations and we are committed to ensure we can continue to serve America for generations to come.

To do this an ever-changing world, we are working on transforming all aspects of our business for increased efficiency and effectiveness. We are focused on growing and investing in our brands and bringing meaningful innovation to the market. And, most importantly, support the personal and professional development of our associates.


Reach Your Potential

The sky is the limit! Challenge yourself to be the best you can be through meaningful and challenging work in a supportive work environment. Every associate has opportunities to learn and grow at Bimbo Bakeries through on-the-job experience, formal learning opportunities and support from leaders and fellow associates.


We are guided by Our Philosophy –  building a sustainable, highly productive and deeply humane company. We Value the Person and are committed to furthering our commitments in Safety, Diversity, Equity & Belonging, Health & Wellness, Associate Engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Live Your Purpose

#YOUBELONG at Bimbo Bakeries USA! Through your work, you have the opportunity to feel connected to something bigger than your job – you are helping to Nourish a Better World. You will know your work matters and be proud of what you do. You will be inspired by your fellow associates as you experience their support and friendship every day!

Win Big




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